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 Statement of Purpose

To provide our clients excellent legal support services that will more than meet our clientís requirements.  This task will be performed in a most efficient and friendly manner at a minimum cost to the client. 

Qualification / Education

The founder of Records and Review is Pam Miller.  She is trained as a nurse and legal assistant and has over 30 years combined experience in both fields. Nursing experience includes in-hospital medical/ surgical experience. She obtained her certification as a Legal Assistant in 1988 and has maintained that certification via continuing education.  However, the greatest benefit to the client is the EXPERIENCE.  She has been working for individual attorneys and large law firms in the Northeast Texas area for nearly 20 years.   

High Quality Work

Our office, located on the outskirts of a small town, allows us to complete the project at a very economical price for you.  We donít have high rise rent, high utility cost or other costs associated with the big companies.  The work product provided by our staff offers the best service possible.  Whether you represent Plaintiff or Defendant, we have experience to accurately complete the records request.